Journey:  an act or instance of traveling from one place to another*


About Francine

Francine grew up in and around Chicago and spent most of her adult life there.  She has had remarkable intuitive abilities as early as age 5, where she remembers speaking to a male (guide) who came to speak with her when everyone else in the house was sleeping.  By age 12, she could hear conversations that occurred miles away from her home and once surprised family members by correctly predicting a relative's unannounced arrival at her home 20 minutes later.  As a young adult, Francine developed the ability to communicate with loved ones shortly after their passing and receive visits from loved ones who were preparing to cross over.  She has always been able to anticipate the thoughts, words, and actions of others, and to feel their emotions, illnesses, or physical pain in her own body.

Francine possesses multiple extra sensory abilities including: clairaudience - to hear clearly, claircognizance - to know clearly, clairsentience - to sense/feel clearly, and clairvoyance - to see clearly.  She now lives in the DC Metro area and has clients spanning the globe.