Gratitude:  the state of being grateful; thankfulness*



"I've never known a time when I've not been reflective, analytical and sensitive.  I'm a thinker and I think that's part of the struggles with depression I've lived with all my life.  I met Francine when I was living and working in America.  I had some awesome experiences in America but also some lonely, tough times where I had to do hard jobs to survive alone.  Francine came into a club I was working in and seemed to sense so much about me.  She showed me care, compassion and gave a knowing smile that gave me hope.  We exchanged email addresses that night and kept in touch periodically.  We're still in touch today, ten years later!  She's an intuitive, amazing lady.  I'm privileged to share my feelings with her and receive the insights she offers in return.  Francine has much more than a gift, she has care and compassion on top of a natural psychic sense.  That's special.  She's special." 
Claire J., London, England


"I had a wonderful session with Francine, and I'm sure it was only the first of many.  She was spot on in the areas of my life that she addressed.  I hadn't prepared a list of things to discuss, or questions I wanted answered; Francine was already aware of what things in my life required clarity, and where I needed some guidance."
"Her suggestions for dealing with issues I've been struggling with are HELPING!  A lot of what Francine did during our session could be described as "gently prodding" me to be more aware of what was going on in my own mind & body, and showing me how to change, or manage, some things that were negatively impacting my daily life.  The signs were here, before the session...I just wasn't paying attention to them.   I believe that we're all "works in progress" and Francine has become one of the tools to help me in that journey." 
MJK, Chicago, IL


"There are people that you are lucky enough to meet in life and you just know how truly authentic, sincere and talented they are -- that is Francine.  She saw what I could not see and shared it with me so, so gently and with such certainty that it provided an opening that I so clearly needed to move forward positively.  Her gifts and kindness gave me the healing that I needed.  I am so grateful to Francine for her insight and pragmatic guidance.  There is no doubt that her counsel opened up my future."
Victoria G., Alexandria, VA


"I have known Francine for many years and have been casually aware of her gifts.  But I have to admit that I had some doubt that her insights could actually help me in tangible ways.  I was mistaken.  What was revealed to me enabled me to see my problems from a new perspective, and the practical advice given along with the insights gave me hope.  Seeing that a solution was possible enabled me to form a plan that is helping me to overcome my problems."
Joe M., San Francisco, CA


"I grew up in a metaphysical home, and my mother was the president of the Astrology Association, so I have had many, many readings from a wide variety of psychics.  I have had good ones, and not such good ones.  Francine is one of the good ones!  My favorite type of reading is with someone who blends their intuitive/psychic abilities with a bit of common sense counseling as well.  Francine did just that for me, she gave me some good advice and tools that have already worked in my relationship.  I would absolutely recommend her as a gifted, caring and kind psychic to communicate with, she is a true professional in an industry that can be hard to navigate!"
Sharon, Seattle, WA


"By nature, I'm always a bit skeptical.  I wasn't sure what to expect when I first contacted Francine.  But I'm always open minded and willing to try new things and see where the experience takes me.  I was not disappointed with my experience and the guidance I received. She didn't predict the future, these were really specific insights into me that she could not have known.  Francine gave me guidance about how to best navigate the upcoming obstacles in my life -- a way of learning about myself and my prior mistakes.  And hopefully avoid repeating them!  She had a couple of things to tell me about myself which she was not sure how I would take, however, she was right on the money -- and I knew it!  She certainly helped me see the repeating patterns in my relationships, and hopefully, hopefully, going forward I will be much more aware of what I've done in the past and do better in the future.  I highly recommend Francine.  Her guidance opened my eyes to a new way of looking at a recurring issue in my life and try something different."
Scott B., Franklin Village, CA


"Francine has a strong gift of intuitive knowing that manifests in a warm, supportive, and earnest way.  She doesn't edit the insight she gains, but does present sensitive messages responsibly and compassionately.  She has helped me see clear paths through more than one difficult life obstacle!  Thank you, Francine!"
Jill R., Portland, OR


"Francine's intuitive reading was done with such insight and empathy.  She touched on issues and relationships in my life for which I needed clarification and guidance.  Her guidance was spot on, and as a result, I have been making some changes with regard to certain close relationships.  This information has eased a lot of stress that I had been 'owning' which was not mine.  I was able to ask my own questions as well, which helped facilitate more dialogue between the two of us as well as her spiritual guides.  Francine is a healer above all; that is her strongest gift.  She imparts not only information, but how you can apply it to your life, should you be open to it.  She is accurate, honest, and kind.  If you have wanted to start a new chapter in your life with some clarity and guided insight, I encourage you to call Francine and get steppin'!" 
Mary B., Dundee, IL